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MSTICPy Video - Overview and Extending MSTICPy

One hour talk introducing MSTICPy, showing data connectors, pivot functions and notebooklets. Second part shows how to extend MSTICPy by adding your own queries and Pivot Functions Watch on YouTube

YouTube video of Microsoft Launch Space talk

YouTube video of Microsoft Launch Space talk


Try out MSTICPy and Notebooks in No installation necessary. MSTICPy Lab

MSTICPy lab on Azure Sample GitHub

MSTICPy lab on Azure Sample GitHub

Notebook resources from PyCon 2021 and LaunchSpace talk

GitHub repo

Blog articles on our Medium account

MSTICPy articles on

MSTICPy articles on

MSTICPy v1.0.0 Overview and Tour April 26, 2021

MSTICPy 1.0.0 Release April 18, 2021

MSTICPy v1.0 pre-release March 17, 2021

Pivot Functions 0.9.0 release Feb 22, 2021

MSTICPy 0.8.8 release Oct 28, 2020

MSTICPy 0.8.0 release Sep 21, 2020

MSTIC Notebooklets Aug 17, 2020

MSTICPy 0.7.1 release Aug 14, 2020

MSTICPy 0.6.1 release Jul 2, 2020

MSTICPy 0.5.1 release May 29, 2020

MSTICPy 0.5.0 release May 14, 2020

Notebook articles on Azure Sentinel Tech Community

Various articles with on Jupyter notebooks in Azure Sentinel that we and others have created.