msticpy.vis.ti_browser module

Threat Intel Results Browser.

msticpy.vis.ti_browser.browse_results(data: DataFrame, severities: List[str] | str | None = None, **kwargs) SelectItem

Return TI Results list browser.

  • data (pd.DataFrame) – TI Results data from TIProviders

  • severities (Union[List[str], str, None], optional) – A list of the severity classes to show or the string ‘all’. By default these are [‘warning’, ‘high’].

  • kwargs – passed to SelectItem constuctor.


SelectItem browser for TI Data.

Return type:


msticpy.vis.ti_browser.get_ti_select_options(ti_data: DataFrame, severities: List[str] | str | None = None)

Get SelectItem options for TI data.

msticpy.vis.ti_browser.raw_results(raw_result: str) str

Create pre-formatted details for raw results.


Return TI Details display function.