msticpy.vis.data_viewer_panel module

Dataframe viewer using Panel Tabulator.

class msticpy.vis.data_viewer_panel.DataTableColumnChooser(data, selected_cols=None)

Bases: object

DataTableColumnChooser class.

Initialize the DataTableColumnChooser class.

property dataframe_columns

Return the selected set of DataFrame columns.


Display in IPython.

property selected_columns: List[str]

Return a list of Bokeh column definitions for the DataFrame.

class msticpy.vis.data_viewer_panel.DataViewer(data: DataFrame, selected_cols: List[str] | None = None, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Data viewer class.

Initialize the DataViewer class.

  • data (pd.DataFrame) – The DataFrame to view

  • selected_cols (List[str], optional) – Initial subset of columns to show, by default None (all cols)

  • selectable (Union[bool, str], optional) – Whether rows should be selectable, by default “checkbox”

  • show_index (bool, optional) – If True show the DataFrame index as a column, by default True.

  • show_tenant_id (bool, optional) – If True show the TenantId column, by default False.

  • max_col_width (int, optional) – Sets the maximum column width to display, by default 500

  • detail_cols (List[str]) – List of columns for which details are displayed in collapsible field beneath each table row.

  • kwargs – Other keyword arguments are passed to the panel Tabulator control.


Main attributes: value - original dataframe selected - indexes of currently selected rows selected_dataframe - currently selected rows current_view - current dataframe after filtering and sorting selection - indexes of currently selected rows

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