msticpy.nbwidgets.lookback module

Module for pre-defined widget layouts.

class msticpy.nbwidgets.lookback.Lookback(default: int | None = None, description: str = 'Select time ({units}) to look back', origin_time: datetime | None = None, min_value: int | None = None, max_value: int | None = None, units: str = 'hour', auto_display: bool = False, **kwargs)

Bases: IPyDisplayMixin

Time lookback slider.

Create an instance of the lookback slider widget.

  • default (int, optional) – The default ‘lookback’ time (the default is 4)

  • description (str, optional) – The description to display (the default is ‘Select time ({units}) to look back’)

  • origin_time (datetime, optional) – The origin time (the default is datetime.utcnow())

  • min_value (int, optional) – Minimum value (the default is 1)

  • max_value (int, optional) – Maximum value (the default is 240)

  • units (str, optional) – Time unit (the default is ‘hour’) Permissable values are ‘day’, ‘hour’, ‘minute’, ‘second’, ‘week’ These can all be abbreviated down to initial characters (‘d’, ‘m’, etc.)

  • auto_display (bool, optional) – Whether to display on instantiation (the default is False)


Display the interactive widgets.

property layout

Return underlying widget.

property lookback

Return current widget lookback value.

property value

Return current widget lookback value.