msticpy.nbwidgets.get_environment_key module

Module for pre-defined widget layouts.

class msticpy.nbwidgets.get_environment_key.GetEnvironmentKey(env_var: str, help_str: str | None = None, description: str = 'Enter the value: ', auto_display: bool = False, **kwargs)

Bases: RegisteredWidget, IPyDisplayMixin


Tries to retrieve an environment variable value. The value can be changed/set and optionally saved back to the system environment.

Create a new instance of GetEnvironmentKey.

  • env_var (str) – Name of the environment variable.

  • help_str (str, optional) – Help to display if the environment variable is not set. (the default is None)

  • description (str, optional) – Prompt to display with the text box. (the default is “Enter the value: “) “prompt” is a alias for this parameter

  • auto_display (bool, optional) – Whether to display on instantiation (the default is False)

ALLOWED_KWARGS = ['id_vals', 'val_attrs', 'nb_params', 'name_space', 'register']

Display the interactive widgets.

property layout

Return underlying widget collection.

property name

Get the current name of the key.

property value

Get the current value of the key.