msticpy.config.mp_config_edit module

Module docstring.

class msticpy.config.mp_config_edit.MpConfigEdit(settings: Dict[str, Any] | MpConfigFile | str | None = None, conf_filepath: str | None = None)

Bases: CompEditDisplayMixin

Msticpy Configuration helper class.

Initialize instance of MpConfigEdit.

  • settings (Optional[Union[Dict[str, Any], MpConfigFile, str]], optional) –

    settings can be one of the following:

    • A dict of msticpyconfig settings

    • An instance of MpConfigFile with loaded settings

    • A file path to a msticpyconfig.yaml

    If None, the settings will be read from the default (via MSTICPYCONFIG variable)

  • conf_filepath (str) – If settings are passed as MPConfigFile instance or a dict, this parameter will override the file path used to save the settings. If settings is a file path, this parameter is ignored.

static border_layout(width='95%')

Return border widget layout.

property controls

Return a list of current tab names and controls.

property current_config_file

Return the currently loaded configuration file path.

static no_border_layout(width='95%')

Return no-border widget layout.

set_tab(tab_name: str | None, index: int = 0)

Programmatically set the tab by name or index.

property tab_names

Return a list of current tabs.