msticpy.auth.msal_auth module

MSAL delegated app authentication class.

class msticpy.auth.msal_auth.MSALDelegatedAuth(client_id: str, authority: str, username: str, scopes: list, debug: bool = False, **kwargs)

Bases: object

Class for handling MSAL based delegated auth.

Instantiate MSAL authentication class.

  • client_id (str) – ID of the client to connect to.

  • authority (str) – The authentication authority to authenticate against.

  • username (str) – The username to authenticate with.

  • scopes (list) – A list of scopes to authenicate with

  • debug (bool, optional) – Set True to get additional logging ouput, by default False


Get an authneticaiton token.


Refresh the authentication token.

property token

Return the token.